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BBVA Suma contributes to raising funds for school meals

By María Erquiaga Mendoza Social Programs - Corporate Responsibility BBVA

The initiative, supported by the BBVA I&T Technology department, via the BBVA Suma platform, has managed to raise €13,600 for summer school meals for the EDUCO Charity. You can also take a look at other charitable causes. With the arrival of the… Continue reading BBVA Suma contributes to raising funds for school meals »

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Lanzaderas Empleo

Una nueva fórmula de innovación social frente al desempleo

By Álvaro Retortillo Osuna Coordinador del Programa Lanzaderas de Empleo y Emprendimiento Solidario

Son ya muchos años de travesía en el desierto. La crisis económica que padecemos ha generado un “efecto tsunami” sobre el empleo en nuestro país, destruyendo…

Ruta BBVA 2014

Experiencing the BBVA Route my way

By María Fernanda Zárate Jaramillo Trekker from Ecuador and representative of the Embassy of Disability

At the first sunrise, camp leader Jesús Lena started to wake up the trekkers over the megaphone. Since I still had no group, I was fast asleep not aware of anything;…

Educación Financiera Becas

Integration Scholarships a program that transforms reality

By Sandra T. Busquets Financial literacy program manager at BBVA Francés

Given the situation our country faces, it’s not easy for young people to get motivated about education. Some times we believed it is was a question of rebelliousness…

BBVA_social_impact 2013

BBVA’s global impact on society

Maximizing the positive impacts of the business on society and minimizing the possible impacts is BBVA's main commitment in the area of Corporate Responsibility and the foundation of its superior business model of responsible banking. BBVA is the first financial institution to publish a global assessment of the impact of its activity on the societies in which it operates. All…

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