6 Months after in Haití with Red Cross Spain


By Teresa Pérez Galán Cruz Roja Española

It has now been more than six months since an earthquake devastated a large part of Haiti. Since then, and thanks to the support received from institutions such as yours and the population in general, the Spanish Red Cross continues to assist the affected population by distributing potable water (over 120 million liters have been distributed to date), launching sanitary facilities (900 latrines, 300 shows, and over 100 meters of drains have been installed), and promoting hygiene in the displaced persons camps (carrying out hygiene promotion activities directly with 21,000 people).

In addition to distributing tents and other refuge materials, we at the Spanish Red Cross have also installed the so-called ‘progressive living units’.  These are structures measuring a minimum of 18 square meters that can be increased in size depending on the number of people in each family unit.

While the emergency operation continues, the Spanish Red Cross is now taking on new challenges such as the reconstruction of infrastructures (schools and other community facilities) as well as the planning of food safety initiatives, job training, and the restart of the family economy under an Action Plan that will last six years.

We include a link to a video in which you can see what has been done up to now and what we plan to do in the nearby future as well as hear the testimonies of Spanish Red Cross delegates who have been in Haiti or are there now.

Again, we thank you for your support to the Spanish Red Cross given that all these actions could not be carried out without the help we have received from all of you.


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