BBVA is included in the 2011 Newsweek Green Ranking


By Peter Sweatman Founder and CEO of  Climate Strategy &  Partners

BBVA was ranked 43rd among the world’s 500 greenest firms in the Newsweek Global Green rankings, up from 61st place last year. These rankings use Climate Strategy’s UK partner Trucost’s data to produce an Environmental Impact Score which is a 45% determinant in the ranking.

The hundreds of companies tracked by Newsweek are collectively responsible for more than 6 billion tons of greenhouse-gas emissions each year, nearly equivalent to all the emissions produced annually by the United States. Interesting notes and trends from the 2011 Newsweek Global 500 Green rankings are:

  1. We face a future in which resources that were once taken for granted—water, land, minerals, fossil fuels—will be limited and costly. Top-ranked companies are approaching green projects with increasing tenacity, even in this weak economy.
  2. Waste cuts into profits, and that reducing wasted energy curbs greenhouse-gas emissions while bolstering the bottom line and energy efficiency is a “no brainer”.
  3. Corporate sustainability is here for the long haul—it makes sense not just for the sake of the planet, but for business. “Big companies have decided that this is a long-term play”.
  4. IBM, in the No. 1 spot on the U.S. list, has been measuring, managing, and voluntarily reporting on its environmental impact for more than 20 years cutting its CO2 emissions and saving the company more than $400 million in the process over that time.

See full rankings here.

See full methodology information here.

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