Adelante con tu futuro

The «Adelante con tu futuro» financial literacy program was created five years ago with the aim of empowering people in Mexico with the basic financial skills they need to get the most out of financial services. Since then, it has evolved in a number of ways.

In 2012, we added two new workshops in Mexico and made progress in implementing financial literacy workshops in other South American countries, including Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

This year there were 14,088 participants overall in 33,542 financial literacy workshops held under the «Adelante con tu futuro» program in these Latin American countries.


«Adelante con tu futuro»offers personal finance workshops for customers and non-customers covering topics such as saving, saving for retirement, credit cards, credit health and mortgages, life insurance, mutual funds and electronic banking (the latter were introduced in 2012). There are workshops for SMEs, including two new workshops about credit and cash flow, designed to support the creation and growth of SMEs in Mexico,

The workshops are organized by BBVA Bancomer in conjunction with Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE) and TEC de Monterrey.

In 2012, we taught 656,339 personal finance and SME workshops to 225,875 people. This means that each person participated in two workshops on average, in other words they acquired two basic financial skills on average, allowing them to gain knowledge and develop skills to use financial services to their advantage.

These workshops were taught face-to-face in 19 financial literacy classrooms at BBVA Bancomer branches in the main cities in the country, in 15 other mobile classrooms and through online courses on the «Adelante con tu futuro» website, a TEC de Monterrey (LMS) distance learning platform.

For the first time, in 2012 we introduced workshops using a new non-electronic conventional format, based on comic strips, printed calculators and educational games, for those sectors of society that have no Internet access.

The program also includes a partnership with educational institutions and universities, so that workshops have been given at the Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE) and universities, including awareness campaigns. These campaigns have raised awareness about the importance of financial literacy among the population in general, thanks to our participation at events based on internal and external partnerships with authorities, universities and other companies.

We have also increased interaction with participants on our digital platform. The year closed with more than 30,000 social media followers (twitter, facebook and youtube), and more than 200,000 visits to the program’s website during the year. As a result, the number of people participating in online workshops has increased.

We also promote financial literacy through theNo tires tu dinero (Don’t throw your money away) radio program, in which the UNE (the Bank’s specialist unit responsible for receiving, understanding, analyzing, comparing and resolving complaints and claims) participates as part of BBVA Bancomer’s pledge to promote good practices and the use of financial products and services.

For all these reasons, the financial literacy program has ensured that BBVA Bancomer is a bank with a good reputation among its customers. We carry out evaluations among those participating in the program that demonstrate the improvement in their finances that has resulted the acquisition of these basic financial skills.

South America

In Chile, 1,840 people have taken part in the «Adelante con tu Futuro» (Forward with your future) program through 89 free talks, basically employees from companies with agreements with BBVA, municipalities and NGOs; and 1,003 more attended 9 talks on pension literacy.

We also gave our support to the Agent Piggy website that helps parents to teach their children about finance. On this site children learn about the value of money, the importance of saving and how to plan their income and expenses to allow them to achieve their dreams.

In Colombia, we ran financial literacy workshops in 14 cities and towns, using both the mobile classroom and auditoriums and conventional rooms that public and private institutions provided. There was a total of 33,500 workshops and more than 10,817 participants.

In Uruguay, 428 young people in their first years of high school have been taught financial literacy skills.

In Venezuela, we distributed the book entitled Mi primer Negocio(My first business) in 2012. This book is targeted at young people and children and promotes financial literacy and entrepreneurship, as well as new solutions for building a better society. The book was given to 7,700 children and young students enrolled in the Integration Scholarships Program and to our employees’ children.