Valores de futuro

We launched «Valores de futuro. El dinero en nuestras vidas» (Future values: the money in our lives) in 2009 as part of our strategic Corporate Responsibility plan. The aim was to promote financial literacy at schools in the capital cities of Spanish provinces.

The Bank is working closely with schools, BBVA Volunteers (who teach classes at the schools) and educational consultants, on this innovative project.

During the 2011/12 academic year, the program was extended to Spanish towns within a 20 km radius of the capital cities, and to the main Portuguese cities. We also launched the program in Mexico for the academic year 2012/13.

Spain and Portugal

«Valores de futuro»teaches school children in Spain and Portugal about values related to the use of money. In the program’s third year, the main aim was to build the loyalty of the centers already enrolled in the program and to increase the number of participating schools.

During the 2011/12 academic year, 780,451 pupils from 3,825 schools in Spain and 126,944 pupils from 849 schools in Portugal participated in the program. Total participation was therefore 907,395 pupils from 4.674 schools. This represents an increase of 734 schools and 216,680 pupils (31%) on the previous academic year, thus achieving the initial target set.

The Ahorro para todos (Saving for everybody) workshop was launched at 10 schools in Barcelona. Between them they saved more than €100,000. The “Concurso de Participación Activa” competition was also held for participating schools, with regional and national stages. First prize for the winning class in Spain was a camp organized by United World Colleges.

For 2012-2013, the target is for 1,000,000 pupils to participate. This year Ahorro para todos will be held at 10 schools in Valencia.


In September of 2012 we began the «Valores de futuro» (Future values) project for the 2012/03 academic year. The aim is to develop values associated with the use of money among elementary and high-school children through pre-designed workshops that allow them to learn in a variety of subjects taught by the basic study program in Mexico.