BBVA organizes its second Mercadillo Solidario (charity market) for employees


BBVA’s second charity market for staff has opened in Spain, allowing the bank’s staff to acquire various products as part of different sales campaigns.

The money raised by the market will support the social and labor inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion in Spain. This support will be provided via the non-profit organizations of ADSIS Foundation, Fundación Ared (Ared Foundation) and the Asociación de Caridad San Vicente de Paúl. BBVA staff in Spain will be able take part in the initiative until March 2.

There are three welfare projects currently benefitting from support:

- Labor insertion projects for young people at risk of social exclusion, run by ADSIS Foundation. This foundation provides comprehensive support to persons and groups in situations of poverty, particularly young people. The organization operates in various Spanish cities.

- Community food center and occupational training courses for women at risk of exclusion in Barcelona, run by Fundación Ared. The Ared Foundation supports the social and labor integration of persons facing social exclusion. These are generally women from penitentiary institutions and social services.

- Social assistance to 200 low-income families via Asociación de Caridad San Vicente de Paúl. This association, based in Santiago de Compostela, provides social assistance to low-income families. It aims to provide for their most basic needs such as food and clothing, among other items.

BBVA staff can access to the market via BBVA’s intranet system, ensuring simplicity and transparency. Buyers may purchase any product by making a voluntary donation. This second charity market for employees offers 50 different products, meaning a total of some 40,000 articles in five categories: Home, Travel, Electronics, Books and Miscellaneous. Each employee is limited to a certain number of products via a points system.

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