BBVA supports the creation of employment for people with disabilities


BBVA Spain and Portugal and Fundosa, the business division of the ONCE Foundation, have signed a financial agreement through which the Bank makes available to said organization 10 million euros in order to support the development of the Centros Especiales de Empleo (CEE, Special Employment Centers) and promote the hiring of people with disabilities. Fundosa will direct the entire loan to its subsidiary Flisa, a leading company in the industrial laundering sector, which employs 3000 workers, 86% of them, people with disabilities.

With this loan, BBVA participates in the creation of new Flisa industrial laundering centers in Spain, as well as in the expansion and modernizing of services that already exist. This operation therefore helps to finance, among others, the acquisition of three new centers in Navarra, Cuenca, and Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), using the Special Employment Center formula, with which Flisa has increased both its productivity and number of employees, most of whom are people with disabilities. Thanks to this expansion project, Flisa has been able to fulfill its business and social objectives, maintaining a good growth rate in the area of the employment of people with disabilities.

For the Bank, this agreement aims to support the important social work carried out by the Special Employment Centers that, like Flisa, give work to thousands of people with disabilities in Spain. This work is supported and recognized by BBVA through Corporate Responsibility initiatives such as the Integra Prize, worth €200,000 and in its third edition this year, which aims to promote the integration of people with disabilities into the work force, as well as equal opportunities and improvement in the quality of life of disabled people.

Flisa is a network of industrial laundry and textile renting services created in 1990 by Grupo Fundosa, the company sponsored by the ONCE Foundation for the creation of stable and quality employment for people with disabilities. Currently Flisa boasts 30 industrial laundering plants of its own in 12 regions and these sites process over 150,000 tons of textiles every year.

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